Guide to using induction cooktop for a better cooking experience

Cooking stoves have been gradually transforming through rapid changes and has reached to induction cooktops. Nowadays, smart cooking has become the trend. Induction cooktop has apparently taken over the place of gas and electrical stoves. Best induction cooktop countertop burner are inevitable for everybody in today’s life. It provides you an excellent and safe way to cook food in less space and less time. In addition to this, it requires less energy also as compared to conventional methods of cooking. Induction cooktops are environment-friendly and a zero pollution device.

Guide to using induction cooktop for a better cooking experience

Starting with your induction cooktop:

Before going to cook food on the induction cooktop, it is essential to understand few things about the induction cooktop.

  • Do not keep any heat generating materials near the induction cooktop. Try to avoid the use of petrol of diesel gadgets near the induction cooktop.
  • The proper electricity connection should be ensured before use, because damaged wires may lead to accidents and electric shocks.
  • The pan on which cooking is required to be performed should be kept on the induction cooktop in such a way that, magnetic induction can be supplied directly to the pan or container in which cooking is to be done.
  • The cooktop features instructions on a panel with graphic symbols and short icon names like timer, switch to control ON /OFF and pre-set heating methods. This all instructions should be thoroughly understood before you work with the best induction cooktop.
  1. How to heat up the food item for cooking?

The heating of food many vary from material to material as per requirement or desire of an individual. Some food stuff like meats and eggs require more heating while the others don’t require that much. So, such type of smart adjustments can be done very effectively by using these induction cooktops.

These heat controls may vary slightly from models and brands, but basic functions are the same. The heating controls are very easy to use with the interface icons provided on the panel. Over a period of time and experience, anybody can become an expert in using it. Heating is the main feature of best induction cooktop and for quick heating, it is better to use the pre-set cooking options. Load the pan with the required food and set on the starter button.

  1. Use of timer

In today’s extremely busy life, people naturally like to engage in multitasking activities. The induction cooktop has got many features that are very useful for multitasking. If you know the time required for a specific food preparation, it would be very convenient if you can use the timer device. The timer will stop the cooking when the time lapses and will avoid excess cooking or burning the food. Smart cooking is made possible by timer apart from the pre-set cooking features, and this feature is available with every best induction cooktop

  1. Lock the system always for safety:

The induction cooktop comes with a lock system that can work in two ways. It can work as a child safety lock and also work as a lock to stop from accidental maneuverings. As part of safety precaution, keep the device always locked.


  1. Avoid repairing while on action:

You should not try to repair the induction cooktop while the power is own or the appliance is working. In the event any repairing need to be executed, switch off the appliance and remove the connection. .

  1. Type of pan to be used:

You cannot use plastic, ceramic or non-magnetic pan or cooker on an induction cooktop. The bottom of the pan must be flat and should stay in close contact with the induction cooktop, and then only the magnetic waves will be conducted directly to the food to be cooked.


  1. Cleaning the top: The induction cooktop need to be cleaned after ever use. Spillover food item may be a reason for a non-productive cooking experience. Not only that, the spillover food will get burned and may affect the induction transmission and may stop the induction working properly.



Proper maintenance of the Induction cooktop can give better and long standing result. Since the cooktop is a power consumption appliance, care has to be frequently taken to confirm whether the electricity connection is in order and there is no loose connection. Following the given guidelines will help you to accomplish the desired cooking results by using the best induction cooktops.